About MUXX Oil


About us

MUXX Oil, founded in 2002, is a professional lubricant manufacturer headquartered in Berlin. We begin the business with producing lubricants for passenger vehicles and motorcycles & scooters in Germany. With good reputation, we gradually expand our lubricant product to other fields and export products to other countries. The brand spirits of MUXX Oil are German quality, Technology and Innovation. We have entered Asian markets since 2007 and have successfully sold lubricants to China, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and more in a decade.

The lubricant products of MUXX Oil are designed for all customers and made to meet their needs. Our product range includes passenger vehicles, motorcycles & scooters, trucks, industrial machinery and marine lubricants. All series adopt high quality base oils with exclusive additives to provide excellent stability and anti-oxidation property. Our products are audited with severe quality control before launch, certified by API, ACEA, EELQMS, and met EURO 5 standard. Some products are even approved by prestigious OEM brands such as Mercedes Benz, VOLVO, Volkswagen and MAN Truck & Bus.

Our factories are located in Germany and The Netherlands which manufacture fully synthetic lubricant D600 series and other advanced products. Asia is strategically gaining its market priority and we have seen great potential in China and many Southeast Asian countries; as a result, MUXX Oil has set up a factory in Taiwan to produce synthetic lubricants C400 and E200 series. In addition, Shanghai and Taipei offices are established respectively to manage sales and marketing affairs in order to provide our Asian clients a more satisfying and efficient service.