Lubricants Knowledge


How many science you know about lubricants.

With the change of every passing day, more and more precision the engine would be, the demand for lubricants oil also became more strictness. Hence, how to prolong its life to reduce cost has been a public importance issue. To attribute the reasons, it can be summed up to the following points for promoting synthetic oil development.

    (1)Shortage of crude oil resource.

    (2)Effectiveness from saving energy policy.

    (3)Prolong engine part’s life.

    (4)Increase lubricants use duration.

    (5)Meet the requirement under severe operating.

    (6)Decrease operation cost.

How many categories for lubricants oil ?

Mineral oil

The main component is a hydrocarbon, mineral oil because the molecule is more vulnerable, either low or high temperature fluidity is not good, there are often oxidation, usually mineral oil are priced lower, although the lubricating function is also the worst, but sufficient to meet the general road driving

Synthetic oil

Mineral oils and synthetic oils made by adding a certain proportion of the prepared base oils with various additives, additives compensate for the lack of mineral oil, mineral oil stability Lubricating molecules that low temperature fluidity, high temperature oxidation resistance and volatility are preferred, usually printed on the packaging will Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic, Synthetic Based, Synthetic technology and so clearly marked, we call semi-synthetic or partially synthetic oil, these oil prices are cheaper

Full synthetic oil

By definition is entirely are 100% synthetic oil, such oil packaging often seen Fully Synthetic, 100% Synthetic sort of label, which literally stands for "Full synthetic oil" Usually this type of oil due to the better quality so the price is relatively high, and each will have a different brand of oil additive formulations, inhibit Oxidation and for turnover, clean, wear-resistant effect is best

Whether synthetic oil will substantially replace mineral oil?

As consumer habits change, Taiwan bending car owners use synthetic oil increased from 43 percent five years ago to 61.4 percent growth of the web gradually replace fossil oil, five years ago, more than half of the owners do not know the type of oil to use, but now only The remaining one-third of high-priced oil gradually become mainstream, more than three hundred dollars each to buy the owner of the oil from 10.5% five years ago, significantly increased to 28.8%, a little more money baby car owners more many.

According to "fine solid market research consulting firm" against Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung metropolitan areas, such as three 20-year-old to 54-year-old male owners, investigate its oil consumption habits and brand selection factors and other projects. The survey found that the use of synthetic oil from 40.3% five years ago the owners grow to 60.1 percent, and gradually replace fossil oil as the main choice; at the same time, compared to more than five years ago, half of consumers do not know the type of car the use of oil, currently only The remaining one-third of consumers can not tell the kind of oil, lower oil viscosity is further asked to know the ratio of oil specifications, only 5.8%.

Most owners think oil is a penny stock, such an attitude is also reflected in consumer behavior, to buy more than three hundred yuan per liter of oil consumers five years ago from 10.5% to 20.8%, with the high price machine oil gradually become the mainstream market. In addition, the first three factors affect consumer choice brand of oil, 13.4% were recommended for professional technicians, quality and 45% and 48% of the original specified, this survey five years ago when the original plant designated as high as 66.6 percent share, has significant differences, showing consumers the autonomy of the oil rising.

How to choose the most suitable oil

    • According to car manual recommendation to use the suitable lubricants oil.
    • According to the engine design to choose the fit lubricants with proper oil film.
    • Choose lubricants carefully without blind faith to higher price product.
    • Avoid using fake oil to damage engine.
    • Choice the lubricants oil with API Specifications.
    • Do not ignore oil-drain intervals, checking the lubricants regularly.
    • Hearing the engine running sound and feeling the lubrication from engine oil.
    • Do not use the additives with origin unknown. In fact, qualified engine oil do not need add extra additives with origin unknown. In fact, qualified engine oil do not need add extra additives because different additive characters would not cause the estimated chemical reaction and would not resolve problems.