Motorcycle lubricants

SIGMA (fully synthetic)double ester technology

Full blast! Purple blaze! Sigma 900 4T series: “Σ”is a mathematical symbol meaning sum, and it also implies that our lubricant series extracts strengths from other products with best properties. This series is a premium range for heavy motorcycles above 500C.C.This series adopts Double Ester technology to optimize performance of engines in high and low temperatures. It is dedicated for 4T. With this range, the clutch will work smoothly without slipping and transmission failures. The oil quality is stable and anti-aging.












Racing(fully synthetic) PAO synthetic base oil + Ester

Super durable! Red blaze!
R700 4T series: “R” stands for “Racing” and this series is dedicated for high speed racing heavy motorcycles.Blended with exclusive base oil and Ester, this fully synthetic oil possesses strong lubricating film to provide optimum protection of engine parts. It can reduce wear caused by engine operation effectively. Suitable for tough driving conditions.








Free(fully synthetic) XHVI synthetic base oil+Ester

smoothest run ever!ultimate freedom! F500 4T series: “F” represents“Free.”With the concept of ultimate freedom, this series is dedicated for motorcycles with manual gears and Harley Davidson.Formulated with Ester and synthetic base oil, it is able to strengthen the advantages of synthetic base oil and to provide resistance to high temperatures, anti-corrosion and anti-foaming properties, and outstanding performance without delayed shifting to optimize RPM, suitable for all climates and conditions.









City (synthetic technology) refined mineral oil+XHVI synthetic base oil

Energy efficient!Best choice for driving in cities!
C300 4T series: “C” stands for “City”. This series can extend gearbox life and is designed for 4 stroke motorcycles to cater for the needs of stop-and-go conditions in cities, especially under fast changing weather and on rough and uneven roads.








ECO (mineral oil) refined mineral oil

Super cleaning properties!Economical and environmentally friendly!E100 4T series: “E” stands for “Eco”, and it means economical and energy saving.This series is made of premium refined mineral oil, suitable for normal motorcycles and road conditions. It possesses impressive solubility and debris carry-away ability. In addition, it brings significant results of cleaning contaminants on engine parts and solubility of plastic particles, and it is especially helpful in cleaning mud and dust inside engines. It maximizes the power of engines and saves oil and is economical.